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Contract fee (short-term loan) 0 €
Contract fee (long-term loan) 2% from loan amount, but not less than 7 €
Commission fee 30% from total loan interest
Commission fee (secured loans) 5% from total loan interest
Payments to Warranty fund 3% from loan amount
Premature repayment fee 0.5% of the amount to be repaid or 1% of the amount to be repaid, if the period between the premature repayment date and the maturity date of the contract is longer than 1 year
Repayment extension fee (long-term loan) 3 €
Repayment extension fee (short-term loan) 5 €
Credit score determination fee 0,00 €
Transfers within the portal 0,00 €
Transfers from virtual account to bank account 0,50 €
Collection costs for delayed payments * During the contract period up to 5 EUR for every late payment
* After the expiry of the contract 30-50 EUR depending on the amount
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