correction/wrong bookings on Feb 1, 2020

Autor Teema
Palatinate 04.02.2020 00:25:39
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I have seen that on Feb 1, 2020 you strongly corrected the “your investments: debt” amount. On the same date, I have noticed you did reduce my cash amount by EUR 23,32 - or did some other booking resulting in the same change. Please can you look into this and explain?

vlk494 10.02.2020 15:05:08
  • Administraator
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We had an issue where some yellow contracts did not display debt amount, this was fixed.
Some users end of the month “Portfolio balance”was wrong, it was show larger than it should, this issue should also be fixed.
If you have any other question regarding your account, then please write them through internal mailbox or at “”.

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