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Why keep your money under the mattress or let the funds and banks handle it? Control your investments by lending directly to those who need it. With the portal you have the flexibility to divide your money into different investments, earning more than ever before.

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First you have to configure investment terms that best suit your needs and then transfer the funds into the portal account.


Your money will be waiting for the right borrowers. As a rule, several different investors comprise one loan.


The borrower goes through a credit check. Portal will give them a credit score and credit limit.


Right after the submission of loan application, portal will check all possibilities and make you the best offer for investing. If the borrower does not agree with it, they can put the application on hold.


If the offer is favourable, the portal will conclude the loan agreement and transfer money out of your account. This will only take a moment. All repayments to you are transacted automatically by the portal.


The debtors are being dealt with by the portal. Once the loan is three months old, the investor has the right to receive compensation from the warranty fund.

Useful tips

To diversify your investment risk, lend less to more people, rather than more to one person. The whole process is controlled by you, the system only executes commands and follows your settings. Your investments are protected in three ways:

  1. Each loan applicant goes through a credit check.;
  2. Debtors are being dealt with by the portal.;
  3. You investments are protected by the warranty fund.*

* It is not a guarantee fund within the meaning of the Guarantee Fund Act, and thus investments made in the environment of Omaraha OÜ are not subject to state guarantees arising from the Guarantee Fund Act. Secured loans are not secured by the warranty fund.

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