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About Omaraha

Omaraha is a peer-to-peer platform that has brought borrowers and investors together in Estonia and abroad for more than 10 years. Over 200,000 users trust us and we have issued loans totalling over 90 million euros.

It has always been important for the Estonian loan portal Omaraha to be there for people in every situation. We know how annoying the loan process can be, which is why we have always tried to make the Omaraha portal as fast and convenient as possible. Omaraha offers small loans for travel, repairs, household appliances, cars, or just for everyday consumption for up to five years.

The advantages of Omaraha are security, reliability, flexibility, as well as being fast, professional, and 100% internet-based, i.e. the whole process takes place online, from applying for to getting a loan. See what our customers have said about us here.

If you are interested in taking a loan, you can read more about the process here.

However, if you want to make free money grow and become an investor in the Omaraha loan platform, you can get acquainted with the investment process here.

1 104 780 €

Available resources

411 254 €

In warranty fund

229 408


92 496 381 €

Given loans

Why to borrow from Omaraha?

Instead of spending time and stressing out in banks and loan offices, you can get the loan from the comfort of your chair in minutes. The portal does not offer an SMS loan, but a secure small loan.


Peer to peer

The Omaraha loan portal brings together investors and borrowers. An advantage of the co-financing platform is low bureaucracy and simplicity in managing finances.


Secure and reliable

The Omaraha loan portal is under the supervision of the Financial Supervision Authority. You can be sure that your personal data is safe with us.


Flexible and responsive

You can use the Omaraha small loan to purchase products or services that are important to you. Should you experience any difficulties in repaying the loan, we will always try to find the best solution together.


Fast and professional

Our customer support is always ready to answer your questions by e-mail, telephone, or the portal mailbox on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


100% internet based

Omaraha loan portal enables you to perform all the necessary operations from applying for a loan to managing loan repayments. If you have any questions, our customer support will always help you.

According to our customers, Omaraha offers the following advantages

Availability of online services, i.e., loans can be taken and managed from the comfort of your home

Flexibility, or the possibility to find short-term and long-term loans in the required amount

Freedom to decide for yourself how to use the loan money

Friendly and professional communication which enables you to find a solution to any problem

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Loan interest from 12%, loans for up to 5 years.

* This is a representative offer.

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