Secured loans

Here is the possibility to invest in secured loans. You can invest small and large amounts quick and easy. Monthly loan repayments are 100% guaranteed! Borrower’s ability to pay back the loan is investigated very thoroughly, providing Omaraha confidence to assure investors that the loan will be paid back as per payment schedule.

How to invest in secured loans?

To invest, you should use bulk fulfilling of pending loans. For your convenience, you can sort the pending loans by loan period, interest rate and maximum loan amount. After that, you can start to invest. Enter the amount and confirm by clicking on “Invest”. The system will fulfill the selected contracts, progressing from the highest interest rate to lowest.

You can also setup terms for automatic investment into Secured loans here, by setting minimum interest rate and minimum/maximum loan period. In order to actually invest, you must have funds in your Secured loans investment account.

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